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What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is a structured approach to analyzing a person’s financial and personal situation, it involves identifying their respective goals, objectives and needs, determining their risk profile and constructing a strategy(ies) which will assist in achieving their goals, needs and objectives.

The Six Steps of Financial Planning

  1. Gathering data in respect of a client's financial and personal position.
  2. Identifying a client’s goals and objectives.
  3. Identifying any financial issues or deficiencies.
  4. Preparing a Statement of Advice (based on information identified in 1-3 above).
  5. Implementing the Statement of Advice.
  6. Reviewing and revising the Statement of Advice on an ongoing basis.

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Latest News
  • Trump stimulus to boost global markets

    Inflation looked set to finally reappear in global markets in 2017, buoyed by United States President-elect Donald Trump’s fiscal policies and their effect on the US economy.

  • Female advice customers on the rise

    An increasing number of female super fund members are seeking advice. People under 30 also.

  • Retirement costs outpace rise in CPI

    Retirees were hit with an increased cost of living in the September quarter, prompting calls for them to get in touch with their superannuation advisers.

  • ATO set to scrutinise CGT relief claims

    The ATO has a narrow interpretation of who is eligible to claim the CGT relief accompanying the changes to superannuation, and will closely examine any CGT claims that fall outside its own definition, warns one SMSF administration firm.

  • Investor habits: The good, the bad and the ugly

    The good, the bad and the ugly is, of course, the title of the stylised 1966 western starring Clint Eastwood. It is also an apt way to describe common habits of investors.

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